Police Promotional Materials

At Commonwealth Police Services, an assortment of materials are offered to assist Massachusetts Police Officers taking the Civil Service promotional exam for Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain covering the following textbooks:

  • Criminal Investigation 11th edition by Swanson/Territo
  • Supervision of Police Personnel 7th edition by Iannone
  • Police Administration 8th edition by Swanson
  • Community Policing: A Contemporary Perspective 6th edition by Kappeler/Gaines

To assist with this we offer:

  • Written outlines for each textbook. We have created a comprehensive outline that helps focus your studying on just the parts of the books that are most tested. This saves you time and effort not focusing on the areas that most likely won’t even appear on the test.
  • Audio outlines. We also have created a comprehensive audio lecture outline for each textbook that helps focus your studying as well. These audio lectures are meant to be used in conjunction with our outlines. Each chapter is its own track and new material added to the current edition of the text is highlighted.

Questions related to police promotional materials and our other offers should be directed to:


One Response to Police Promotional Materials

  1. Michelle Daniel says:

    Hi I’m looking for the 8th edition of police administration on audio is it possible you can help me with this .

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