Civil Service Appeal Representation

Candidates for civil service positions invest a considerable amount of time, energy, and often money, to score well on the civil service examination. However, as frustrated candidates often discover, topping the civil service list does not automatically guarantee employment. Similarly, scoring well on a civil service promotional examination does not guarantee a promotion. Appointing authorities are allowed to bypass higher scoring candidates, provided that the bypass reasons are sufficient and the candidate is treated fairly. Candidates have the legal right to appeal a bypass to the Civil Service Commission.


Frequently appearing before the Civil Service Commission, we routinely handle civil service appeals and bypass cases for candidates and appointing authorities.


Examples of civil service appeals include:

  • Original appointment bypass appeals
  • Promotional appointment bypass appeals
  • Disciplinary cases

Our attorneys also handle legal issues related to the Human Resources Division (HRD), an agency closely related to the Civil Service Commission. Human Resources Division appeals usually involve the grading of civil service exams, civil service eligibility requirements, training and experience credit, and the physical agility test (PAT).

Questions regarding representation for Civil Service appeals should be directed to:


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