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Massachusetts Attorney who specializes in administrative & labor law including DLR, Civil Service, RMV, and Board of Appeals cases.

Former Chief Keeps Pension Despite Domestic A&B Convictions

The Waltham Retirement Board recently voted unanimously to grant retirement benefits to former Waltham Police Chief Thomas LaCroix, despite his convictions for two counts of domestic assault & battery involving his wife Andrea. Under the Massachusetts Retirement Law, if a … Continue reading

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CMVI Citations For Bicyclists

Police officers can now compel bicyclists who commit traffic law violations to identify themselves and officers can cite bicyclists using regular CMVI citation books. This law, G.L. c. 85 § 11E, was passed as part of a budget amendment in … Continue reading

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K9 Clinic on Constitutional Issues for—2011

There have been numerous recent decision released involving the use of police K-9s.  For examine, in Com. v. Mejias, 76 Mass .App. Ct. 1117, March 10, 2010, A drug-sniffing dog (K-9) was called to a wooded location where a Brockton … Continue reading

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Mass. State Police Endorse Charlie Baker

The State Police Association of Massachusetts has endorsed Charlie Baker for Governor. SPAM represents Mass. State Police Troopers and Sergeants. It has recently announced its endorsement of Baker, stating that they were “impressed by Charlie Baker’s honesty, candor, and recognition … Continue reading

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The Massachusetts legislature passed a new law which appeared within the text of a much larger statute and which is of importance to all employers. The relevant new law is an amendment to G.L. ch 149, sec. 52C, and provides … Continue reading

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Public Employee Retirement Decisions: Credible Service

The Massachusetts Appeals Court handed down a couple of decisions today regarding the calculation of “credible service” for the purpose of calculating public employee retirements.  STATE BOARD OF RETIREMENT vs. CONTRIBUTORY RETIREMENT APPEAL BOARD & another.(1) EDWARD ROCKETT vs. STATE BOARD … Continue reading

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Mass. Civil Service Commission Rules in Favor of Reinstatements

In two cases, the Massachusetts Civil Service Commission has overturned the state Human Resources Division’s policy and practice of denying civil service reinstatements on the grounds that an eligible list exists for the position to which an employee is seeking reinstatement. … Continue reading

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