Civil Service/Boston Police Psychological Bypass Updates

The city of Boston overcame another loss in Superior Court with the decision in Savickas, Richard v. Boston Police Department Sp Ct. No. 2010-1237-D– Related Superior Court Decision of 9/30/11 which was an appeal of the related Civil service case G1-07-51. On the heels of the Candreva decision that came out in June, the decisions are mounting against the city and starting to give legitimacy to the long-argued inadequacies in the psychological bypass procedure the city of Boston is using to hire its police.

For original appointment, Boston bypasses many more people per percentage than any other department – something is wrong. One need not look any further than the Coutts decision that came out last year to realize that. In Coutts, a previously employed police officer had her position cut, and despite no disciplinary issues was found unfit by the city of Boston psychologically. As the decisions against Boston mount at civil service, I wonder what its going to take for them to reevaluate how they are doing business?

Attorney Ronald A. Sellon

About Attorney Ronald A. Sellon

Ronald A. Sellon is a licensed Attorney in the state of Massachusetts and U.S. District Court, Massachusetts as well as a Sergeant with a Municipal Police Department and U.S. military Veteran. Additionally, he has taught Criminal Procedure at the Massachusetts State Police Academy in New Braintree and has written a text on Criminal Procedure for police field training officer programs. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, was a 2008 recipient of the Massachusetts Coalition of Police (Mass C.O.P.) Presidents award and holds a Bachelors Degree in Law Enforcement, a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration, and a Juris Doctor Law Degree. Questions related to content material may be directed to
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