Brother of Dominic Cinelli indicted in Woburn Officer Jack Maguire’s murder

According to a statement today by Middlesex County District Attorney Gerard Leone’s office, Arthur Cinelli, 50, of Newburyport, was directly indicted by a Woburn Superior Court Grand Jury on charges of conspiracy to commit masked armed robbery, and accessory before the fact to masked armed robbery.

The following is from the Middlesex County D.A.’s statement:

“We allege that Arthur Cinelli, the brother of Office Maguire’s murderer, and Scott Hanright engaged in a pre-meditated plan with Dominic Cinelli to rob a jewelry store at gunpoint, no matter what it took to get away with it,” District Attorney Leone said.  “The execution of this brazen masked armed robbery resulted in the reasonably foreseeable consequences of a responding police officer being shot to death.  We intend to hold all participants in this heinous crime fully accountable under the law.”

According to authorities, at 8:42pm on December 26 in the midst of a blizzard, Woburn PD responded to 911 calls of an armed robbery in progress at Kohl’s Department Store on Washington Street in Woburn.  When the first officer arrived, he spotted Hanright, who was standing right in front of the entrance without a coat, hat or gloves.  As the Officer approached Hanright, another man, later identified as Dominic Cinelli, 57, of Woburn, exited the store, and pointed his gun at the Officer.  Cinelli then took off, dropping small jewelry boxes as he ran.

The Officer gave chase, following Cinelli who was heading out of the parking lot onto Washington Street.  Before Cinelli could reach Washington Street, a plow driver, who was plowing the Kohl’s parking lot at the time of the incident, observed what was happening and, as a result, positioned his plow to block Cinelli.

As Cinelli encountered the plow, he raised his gun at the plow driver.  The plow driver pulled the steel plow blade up to protect himself and continued to attempt to stop Cinelli.

At this time, Cinelli was able to maneuver past the plow and turned onto Washington Street.  Woburn Police Office Jack Maguire pulled up to the scene and exited his cruiser, as Dominic Cinelli ran by him.  At that time, it is alleged that Cinelli and Officer Maguire exchanged gun fire and both fatally shot and wounded the other.  The officer was transported to the Lahey Clinic, where he later died.  Cinelli was pronounced dead at the scene.

Hanright is alleged to have left the scene and made his way to a nearby area near Kohl’s.  Hanright is alleged to have then phoned Dingwell from that area, telling him to pick him up at Lowe’s.  Hanright was arrested on his way into the Lowe’s parking lot after his description was broadcasted to police.

Dingwell is alleged to have parked in the furthest section of the Lowe’s parking lot, overlooking Washington Street and Kohl’s.  While Dingwell was waiting for Hanright, an Officer approached his vehicle and it is alleged that Dingwell lied to the Officer about attempting to phone Hanright at the residence he had previously called from.  Dingwell was arrested at this time.

Authorities launched an investigation into the circumstances of the shooting.  Surveillance video from Kohl’s shows Hanright and Cinelli walking across the parking lot, approaching the store together and then separating, with Hanright waiting outside and Cinelli entering the store carrying a duffel bag.  Cinelli is shown walking directly to the jewelry counter, which was visible from Hanright’s position outside the store.  Hanright also is seen standing near the trash can in the foyer of the Kohl’s, from which police later recovered a ski mask.

Based upon the video and interviews of witnesses in the store, once Cinelli was inside the jewelry area, he drew his gun, grabbed the woman behind the counter, held her at gunpoint and demanded that she call the manager to open the safes.  Another female clerk approached to help, and Cinelli threatened her with the gun before throwing her to the ground.  When the managers arrived they were threatened and ordered at gunpoint to begin opening the safes.  The women did so and dumped the jewelry, which was the property of Kohl’s and valued in excess of $100,000, from the safes into Cinelli’s bag.  Then, still brandishing the gun, Cinelli left the store.  He can be seen on the video pausing as he sees the first responding marked cruiser out front of Kohl’s, raising his gun and threatening the initial responding Officer, and then running down the sidewalk with that Officer giving chase.   Woburn Police Office Jack Maguire then responded to the scene and exited his cruiser, as Dominic Cinelli ran by him with his gun drawn.  At that time, it is alleged that Cinelli and Officer Maguire exchanged gun fire at each other, and both fatally shot and wounded the other.

The investigation further revealed that Arthur Cinelli allegedly assisted his brother in the planning and preparation of the armed robbery.  An examination of Dominic Cinelli’s phone revealed numerous phone text messages between him and Arthur Cinelli describing the specific plans for the robbery at Kohl’s.  He is also alleged to have aided, assisted, counseled and encouraged Dominic, providing explicit directions on how Dominic should carry out the masked armed robbery.

Additionally, after not hearing from his brother after the robbery, with time having passed, it is alleged Arthur Cinelli sent Dominic Cinelli several conversational phone text messages, regarding the aftermath of the robbery and shooting, asking if everything was all right.

Hanright was charged with first degree murder and armed robbery and was ordered held without bail at his arraignment on December 27 in Woburn District Court.  Dingwell was charged with accessory after the fact and ordered held on $1,000 cash bail.

The investigation continues and is being conducted by Woburn Police and State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office.

These charges are allegations and the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The prosecutor assigned to the case is MDAO’s General Counsel Marian Ryan.  The Victim Witness Advocate is Anne Foley.”


About Attorney John J. MacLaughlan

John MacLaughlan is Massachusetts licensed attorney as well as a Boston police officer. John is currently assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force (Gang Unit). He is a graduate of the Massachusetts School of Law with a concentration in Labor Law. He holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell as well as a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. John has taught Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Use of Force, Applied Patrol Procedures, and Police Response to Active Shooters to sworn police officers and police academy recruits. Prior to becoming a Boston Police Officer, John served for 9 years as a police officer in Lowell, where he was a member of the Police Dive Team and Patrol Rifle Team.
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