K9 Clinic on Constitutional Issues for—2011

There have been numerous recent decision released involving the use of police K-9s.  For examine, in Com. v. Mejias, 76 Mass .App. Ct. 1117, March 10, 2010, A drug-sniffing dog (K-9) was called to a wooded location where a Brockton Detective believed the defendant was hiding narcotics. The K-9 tracked the defendant’s specific path through the woods, identified a plastic twist tie, indicated the presence of cocaine at a hidden location, located the area on the ground where the six bags of thrown cocaine were found, and went to the defendant’s vehicle.  The police recovered thirty-nine bags of cocaine buried under the spot indicated by the K-9.

In Commonwealth v. One 1999 Honda Accord Auto, 26 Mass.L.Rptr. 110, as a result of a positive alert indication from the Wakefield Police Department K-9, for the presence of narcotic residue on $10,040.00 in United States currency, the Woburn Police Department seized the funds. In an asset forfeiture proceeding, the Commonwealth claimed that probable cause existed as a result of a positive alert by a drug-sniffing dog.

Learn about these and variety of other cases in an upcoming seminar:  K9 Clinic on Constitutional Issues for—2011, offered by Attorney Patrick Michael Rogers at the Medford Police Department on Friday, January 7, 2011. Click the link to download a flyer & registration form.

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Massachusetts Attorney who specializes in administrative & labor law including DLR, Civil Service, RMV, and Board of Appeals cases.
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