HRD kills Banding of scores

The Massachusetts Human Resources division has just sent word to the Mass Chief Association that they have given up on the use of  Banding on future exams. Banding was to be used where all test scores would be placed into “Bands” or ranges of test scores where appointing authorities could select anyone within the selected ranges. The results of this would’ve proven disastrous. The over-politicizing of the Police profession would have been the inevitable result with “the last names of Police Officers all matching those of the local Boards of Selectmen” as one Chief stated.

Further explanations will be coming, but its likely because they could not satisfy the parameters in the Injunction filed last year. The turnaround in support by the Massachusetts Chiefs Association also likely contributed heavily to the about face.

In any event, the preserving of the integrity of the Police profession took a step in the right direction with this decision. Those in favor of the Banding of scores would have likely also been in favor of the hiring and firing practices of Tammany Hall as well.

Attorney Ronald A. Sellon

About Attorney Ronald A. Sellon

Ronald A. Sellon is a licensed Attorney in the state of Massachusetts and U.S. District Court, Massachusetts as well as a Sergeant with a Municipal Police Department and U.S. military Veteran. Additionally, he has taught Criminal Procedure at the Massachusetts State Police Academy in New Braintree and has written a text on Criminal Procedure for police field training officer programs. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, was a 2008 recipient of the Massachusetts Coalition of Police (Mass C.O.P.) Presidents award and holds a Bachelors Degree in Law Enforcement, a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration, and a Juris Doctor Law Degree. Questions related to content material may be directed to
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2 Responses to HRD kills Banding of scores

  1. Fred Leland says:

    I am not to sure what the appropriate answer is here. The system as it stands need some improvements still, despite this decision. Exactly what these improvement are? I am not to sure myself.

  2. Rick Stillman says:

    It must have been too good to be true so HRD got rid of it. Mass Chiefs and Major City Chiefs supported banding. There may have been some individual Chiefs who didn’t understand the benefits who were, not suprisingly, anonymous in there criticism. Civil Service limits the most important aspect of police management, hiring and promotions. Let communities have a larger pool of candidates to choose from so they can select the MOST qualified, not just the one who scored a point higher on one exam on one day.

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